Custom Printed Collar Stays – Sampling


  • Plastic PVC Collar Stays
  • With Custom Logo Printing
  • A selection of Sizes
  • Sampling with printing mold fee is US$68.- per Job
  • Please select your options and we’ll make you samples with your logo printed
  • Sampling will take about 2-3 weeks usually
  • For specific inquiry, click here
  • For bulk order, go to here


Custom Printed Plastic Collar Stays of a wide range of sizes, customizable with brand name printed on them. Good collar stiffeners for general shirt use; handy and convenient, low cost with a advertising function for brand. Brand name, phone number and website address  can be printed on the stays. We offer single color printing for the logo. Logo can be in black, golden, metallic silver …etc

Our custom printed collar stays are great for clothing personnel such as shirt makers, tailors, shirt manufacturers, dry cleaners, and any organization who likes the advertising effect of the printed stays such as  hotels, gifts shops …etc

Minimum order is usually 8000 pieces per size of stays, welcome to fill in inquiry and make your samples, we’ll make artwork based on customers’ requirement  before bulk ordering.

Besides plastic stays mentioned above, we also have collar stays made from different materials such as stainless steel, nylon or mother of pearl material, see here

Also, a reference to collar stays View YouTube via Gentleman’s Gazette at here

Additional information

Weight N/A


Width of Stay

3/8" – 9.50mm, 1/2" – 12.70mm

Length of Stay

1-1/4" – 31.75mm, 1-1/2" – 38.10mm, 1-3/4" – 44.45mm, 2" – 50.80mm, 2-1/4" – 57.15mm, 2-1/2" – 63.50mm, 2-3/4" – 69.85mm, 3" – 76.20mm, 3-1/4" – 82.55mm, 3-1/2" – 88.90mm, 3-3/4" – 95.25mm, 4" – 101.60mm


0.75mm, 0.83mm

Unit of Quantity