Agoya Shell Buttons – 16 sizes


Agoya Shell Buttons are from natural raw material from Japan, above average Thickness after careful selection before production. Great selection for sizes and stringent quality control result with quality products. Our buttons are thicker than normal

  • Natural Agoya Shell Buttons – 16 sizes
  • Bright and shiny, coarse back
  • Rainbow sheen and superb quality
  • Prices in US Dollars per Gross (144 Pieces) – for logo-engraving option see here
  • Sizes (L/mm)US$/Gross
    12L - 7.5mm$6.20
    14L - 9.0mm$6.20
    16L - 9.0mm$6.40
    18L -11.5mm$6.60
    20L - 12.5mm$6.80
    22L - 14.0mm$7.10
    24L - 15.0mm$7.50
    28L - 18.0mm$10.00
    30L - 19.0mm$11.50
    32L - 20.0mm$13.00
    34L - 21.0mm$15.00
    36L - 23.0mm$17.50
    40L - 25.0mm$22.00
    44L - 28.0mm$30.50
    48L - 30.0mm$45.90
    54L - 38.0mm$68.20


Agoya Shell Buttons are gorgeously made from unique material from Japan. They are above average thickness after careful selection before production. Stringent quality control result with quality products. Thickness of our buttons is above average than in the general market. They are perfect match for craft works and sewing, The agoya buttons appear curvy due to the nature of the agoya shell. These shell buttons  are made from saltwater mother of pearl and have two holes. They are more economy than the thicker mother of pearl buttons and are more affordable to the community. The agoya shell raw material are sustainable and are made from the by-products of the food manufacturing process. The buttons can sometime be dyed with other beautiful colors. Sizes of the button can range from 10L to 54L and provide a big range for selection. We also provide logo-engraving on our agoya buttons as in here

  • Natural Akoya Shell material
  • Above average thickness
  • Bright and shiny, coarse back

Additional information

Weight N/A
Base Shape

Coarse Back




Bright Shiny


Agoya Shell

No. of Holes

2 Holes

Size of Button

12L – 7.5mm – 5/16", 14L – 9.0mm – 11/32", 16L – 10.0mm – 5/16", 18L – 11.5mm – 15/32", 20L – 12.5mm – 1/2", 22L – 14.0mm – 9/16", 24L – 15.0mm – 5/8", 28L – 18.0mm – 23/32", 30L – 19.0mm – 3/4", 32L – 20.0mm – 13/16", 34L – 21.0mm – 27/32", 36L – 23.0mm – 7/8", 40L – 25.0mm – 1", 44L – 28.0mm – 1-3/32", 48L – 30.0mm – 1-3/16", 54L – 38.0mm – 1-5/16"

Unit of Quantity

Gross (144 Pieces)