Buttons have been an indispensable part of our daily lives since the beginning of history. This sewing notion can be made from natural or synthetic materials. We have a big variety – natural and artificial ones. We use seashell such as Mother of Pearl, Trocas Shell, River shell and Agoya shell .. to make the notion to name just a few. Our Mother of Pearl fasteners are high end products mainly used for bespoke shirts and suits for bespoke tailors and custom clothiers worldwide. Other materials like corozo (vegetable ivory), wood, coconut, urea, metal ones or alloy are also used. Synthetic ones like polyester, imitation horn, chalk buttons are made from resin.

We have buttons of all sizes, common ones like for shirts, suits are of sizes from 14L to 32L. Other bigger sizes and custom design are made to order according to customers’ requirements. Below pictures shown are just a few examples of our possibilities, we welcome any custom designs from customers. Feel free to ask for your specific requirements.

We have various shapes and rim styles, colors and thickness  for our buttons to suit various kinds of customers and garment makers. Fish eyes, round rim, broad rim, concave, flat top and bottom, bevel shape .. and many more. For our shirt buttons, we offer extra thick ones like from 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm and 4mm Thickness for our customers.

We also do customized buttons with custom brand name or logo engraved on the rim or side of buttons. See below our logo-engraved offers for shirts and suits, the engraving make the the fasteners unique and precious and enhance your brand identify.

For colors, we can arrange dye to match to meet specific colors requirement. We also offer solid color for better color fastness.

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Showing all 65 results