Corozo Buttons

Corozo are perfect for making buttons. Being sustainable, eco friendly and biodegradable, they have no toxic ingredient to harm the environment. The nuts look like Ivory from elephant and people call them ‘vegetable ivory’. The texture is a material full of plant fibers. They are hard enough to resist scratch and wear. They are good to dye to various colors and are ideal for making buttons and crafts.

As the raw material are from nature, not two buttons may look the same. The grains of the fibers exhibit fingerprint like pattern on the buttons and are unique and elegant in look. To match these natural buttons to garments is perfect and would enhance the quality of your brand identity.

We offer various shapes and colors for our corozo nut buttons of different sizes. We welcome custom design from customers. Logo and brand can have their identities laser engraved on the buttons. These nut buttons are for high end garments and currently we have shirt and suit buttons made of corozo nuts. See our site for photos of our offers and select your likes.